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Coming October 8th, to Baker's of Milford, 7:00 to 9:00 PM

 - Candidate forum presenting:

Dave Trott - 11'th congressional district;

Pat Colbeck - 7'th State House Rep.,

Jim Runestad - 44'th State House Rep., and

Mary Buzuna - Libertarian Candidate for Governor

as well as a special presentation from Jen Hensley on key elements of the Republican platform and the formation of a national Republican Platform Caucus



Thank you to patriot candidates who had the courage to stand up for we the people against the politics of special interests. Thank you, Matt Maddock, Deb O'Hagan, Jim Runestad, and Russ Tierney.
On the surface it looks like the Republican establishment candidates were the winners in yesterday's primary. They may have won a few battles but they may well be losing the war. A war the Republican party declared on it's own base.
The Kowall vs. Maddock race: Mike Kowall, the incumbent with a five fold funding advantage and the backing and funding of the entire Republican party apparatus did not get even 50% of the vote. Matt Maddock a complete unknown, with no experience at running for political office, and no special interest funding received 43%. Another candidate who did not even campaign received 7.5% for a total of over 50%. Another words, an incumbent with all of his huge special interest campaign fund advantage and the backing and spending of the Republican party received less than 50% of the vote. 
Jim Runestad won the 44'th district race. He and Russ Tierney, both Tea Party candidates, received 59% of the vote. Liz Fessler Smith, even with the full backing of the Republican party establishment, received only 33% of the vote.
The incumbent, Klint Kesto, may have won with 55% but again, it took the full weight of the Republican party apparatus to make that happen. Deb O'Hagan, who like Matt Maddock, had no experience or special interest funding received 40% of the vote.
If I was the Republican party, I would be very, very concerned about what these numbers mean for the future, given the results and the demographic changes occurring in Oakland County.
Ben Di Ponio - Tea Party Patriots of West Oakland County




Urgent Education Issues 2013

Why Fight the Common Core Initiative? 

1) Michigan, local school & parents lose control 

2) The standards are unproven

     The assessments are not yet written

3) These standards are not Best Practice, and cause

     teachers to use bad practice

4) More cost to states (taxpayers)

     Hundreds of millions $$

5) Michigan will lose ground on school choice

6) Federally directed education is unconstitutional



What can YOU do to Stop Common Core? 

1.  Call or write Governor Rick Snyder & Legislators

repeal and rescind Common Core Standards & Assessment

2. Advocate with friends, family & teachers

3. Sign the petition at Team Ben Common Core

         Learn more: Americans For Prosperity

         The Heritage Foundation – Education Issues

         American Principles Project

         Stop Common Core in Michigan


What should we do instead?

  • Improve standards thru evidence of best practice
  • Continue to expand school choice
  • Use the MEAP
  • Develop assessments that “advise instruction”
  • Build the teaching “profession”

Melanie Kurdys





Obamacare Number of the Day: $621,000,000,000


In addition, the report by the CMS actuaries debunked the notion that Obamacare helped cause the recent slowdown in health spending—or that the slowdown is likely to continue:

Annual national health spending growth is projected to remain near 4 percent through 2013, primarily as a result of the recent recession and modest recovery. This projection is consistent with the historical relationship between health spending and economic cycles….

Continued slower health spending growth after the recent economic downturn has raised the question of whether a more fundamental change is occurring in the health sector. However, econometric and actuarial analysis by the CMS Office of the Actuary of the past fifty years of National Health Expenditure Accounts data…suggests that health spending growth is likely to accelerate once economic conditions improve significantly.

Instead, the actuaries conclude, the recession and anemic economic recovery bear the bulk of the “credit” for the current slowdown in health spending growth.

Finally, the actuarial report analyzes the sources of some of the increased health spending due to Obamacare. And, as Exhibit 4 (below) notes, one of the fastest sources of growth in the health sector will be “government administration.” Spending on government administration—which includes salaries for federal, state, and local bureaucrats, as well as computer and other overhead costs for government programs—will more than double, rising from $31.1 billion in 2010 (the year Obamacare passed) to $70.4 billion in 2022.


So even as Obamacare is raising overall health spending, despite the lingering effects of the economic recession, more of that spending will pay the salaries of government bureaucrats and regulators. That’s not the kind of change Americans can believe in


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